Wolf Mountain Trail

We planned to hike on the other side of the Pedernales River today but we couldn’t get across. It was pouring rain when we arrived on Sunday and there must still be a lot of runoff.

We turned around at the River and headed back to the trailer and took the truck to the Wolf Mountain Trailhead. It turned out to be a great hike. We found four different geocaches today. One was right next to a natural spring called Johnson Spring. It was really a lovely spot.

One of the geocaches had a travelling coin in it but we didn’t know where it was supposed to be heading so we left it in the cache.

We ended up hiking about nine miles today. I am pretty sore but it was worth it. I am committed to getting up tomorrow and doing some yoga. I’ve been carrying my mat around for a week without using it!

Tomorrow we are going to head down to the river again and see the Pedernales Falls. On Friday, we will drive to Austin until Monday. Alan is going to hang out with other guys who like restoring old woodworking machines on Saturday. I will spend the day at the trailer making cards!

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