Panama City

Today we are leaving Panama City. We’ve been staying at St. Andrews State Park campground with more bikers than I can count. There is some kind of motorcycle rally starting this weekend. I haven’t seen a lot women on bikes. Check out my Mom’s Blog if you want to read more about “Motor Maids”.

It was a bit windy to go to the beach on Wednesday but Thursday was great. We enjoyed some nice snorkeling. I saw a jelly fish that looked like it could have been in an aquarium. We were buzzed by fighter jets a bunch of times during the day. Not sure if they were Air Force or Navy.

We are heading for Falling Waters State Park. It has been a little difficult to get reservations even this early in a lot of the Florida state parks so we are piecing together our visit. Not sure where we will go next – probably towards Tallahassee.


Treasure Ship Burns

Yesterday Alan drove me to visit the local quilt shop – Quilting by the Bay. It was really a great shop with a lot of samples hanging and great kits. I went home with a Jelly Roll and a pattern to make a baby quilt for my step brother’s first granchild.

I could have probably fudged the design without a pattern, but I like to support the quilt shops. Hopefully, I will be able to finish the whole project while we are on the road since the baby shower is at the end of June and we may not be home by then.

On the way home we got diverted because a local landmark – The Treasure Ship was on fire. We had driven right past only an hour or so before. We could see it still burning after we finally got back to the campground.

Naval Air Museum

Today was our last day in Pensacola. We are heading East to Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park for a couple of nights.

On our way out of town we stopped at the Pensacola Naval Air Station to visit the Naval Air Museum. They had a lot of restored planes on display along with a bunch of interesting history exhibits.

Last year we visited the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. That museum was a lot bigger but both are worth stopping to see (and free.)

View from the Fish House Deck

After an interesting afternoon touring Old Pensacola Village, we enjoyed a way better than expected late lunch at the Fish House.

The Fish House is supposedly a famous Travel Channel-featured attraction. My oyster Po-Boy was fantastic. It was a huge sandwich. Alan had to eat my Corn Fritters which seemed to be made with creamed corn.

A storm is coming in tonight so our view from the Fish House Deck was a little cloudy.

Morning at McDonald’s

We spent Thursday morning hanging out at the newest McDonald’s in Pensacola. Tickets for the next launch of the space shuttle were scheduled to go on sale at 8 AM.

On Wednesday night we checked out our options for getting a decent Internet WiFi connection. The service at the third McDonald’s was working pretty well. The first two were just a bust but we had found a good connection at the Krystals as our backup.

Everything was going fine until 7:45 when you can enter the virtual waiting room. We kept getting errors. Finally, somebody from Kennedy Space Center posted on Twitter that the site had crashed. They didn’t sell any tickets.

Well, it was a frustrating morning but at least we didn’t miss out on tickets – yet! The odds are still against us. There are only about 1500 tickets that get you out to the causeway through NASA.

It looks like they will try again to sell tickets early next week. We will have moved on to our next campground in Florida by then so we will have to find a new place to get Internet service.

On the up side, the McDonald’s was pretty nice.

Blue Angels

We are enjoying a fantastic campground just outside of Pensacola right on the water. The sand is really beautiful – very white and fine. We will probably go hang out on the beach tomorrow after spending at least part of the morning at McDonald’s logged on to the NASA sight trying to get tickets to the last launch of the space shuttle Atlantis!

The Blue Angels are based here. This is a photo of where they flew by at 8:30 this morning. They were gone before you heard them!

Off Towards Florida

I know that I promised pictures but it never stopped raining long enough to get out the camera.

My friend Jennifer who was “tenting” with her husband and two small kids didn’t make it past Saturday. They had a pretty wet night on Friday. We did hang out with Lisa’s family under their awning on Saturday night and I got to have a Smore even though it was raining!

Sherri and her family were cozy and comfortable in their relatively new 5th wheel. I didn’t get to go geocaching with her boys like we planned – everything was soaked. They pulled out early on Sunday.

We are now on our way to Florida. We will lay over somewhere tonight and then we have reservations at Big Lagoon State Park near Pensacola. Hopefully the weather will be warm and sunny!

P.S. Alan did try and do a little fishing this weekend but he didn’t catch anything.

2010 Season Begins

We have finally gotten the Airstream out of storage for our first trip of 2010.

A little problem before we left home – Alan had to replace the water pump. We had several days of freezing temperatures this winter and apparently there was some water left in the pump. Both of our friends with campers had damage from the freeze as well!

We are at Ray Roberts State Park in Texas for our first stop with three of my friends and their families – Lisa, Jennifer, and Sherri. I will post some pictures before we leave on Monday.

We are planning to head towards Florida for our first significant stops and then on to Georgia, NC and SC.