Morning at McDonald’s

We spent Thursday morning hanging out at the newest McDonald’s in Pensacola. Tickets for the next launch of the space shuttle were scheduled to go on sale at 8 AM.

On Wednesday night we checked out our options for getting a decent Internet WiFi connection. The service at the third McDonald’s was working pretty well. The first two were just a bust but we had found a good connection at the Krystals as our backup.

Everything was going fine until 7:45 when you can enter the virtual waiting room. We kept getting errors. Finally, somebody from Kennedy Space Center posted on Twitter that the site had crashed. They didn’t sell any tickets.

Well, it was a frustrating morning but at least we didn’t miss out on tickets – yet! The odds are still against us. There are only about 1500 tickets that get you out to the causeway through NASA.

It looks like they will try again to sell tickets early next week. We will have moved on to our next campground in Florida by then so we will have to find a new place to get Internet service.

On the up side, the McDonald’s was pretty nice.

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