Fiddler Crabs

When we were strolling along the board walk over the marshes and mud flats on Cumberland Island we spotted a whole bunch of Fiddler Crabs.  The males have one abnormally large claw that you can see in this photo or in the close-up.  There isn’t really much to give scale in this picture – the crabs are only about an inch across!

Cumberland Island Beach

After we hiked around the Dungeness Ruins and through the marshes, we headed out to the beach.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The water was clean and warm.  We hung out on the sand and swam for a couple of hours.

A pair of horses wandered out to the beach while we were there and entertained us by frolicking in the water and then rolling around in the sand.

Cumberland Island

After we left the Okefenokee Swamp we headed to Crooked River State Park near St. Marys, Georgia.  On Saturday, we visited the Submarine Museum.  St. Mary’s in the home of one of the Naval Submarine Bases.  The museum was an interesting place to visit but it was really more of a collection of submarine memorabilia. It was worth the visit, though.

On Sunday,  we headed over to Cumberland Island National Seashore. You have to take a ferry and National Park Service limits the number of people who can visit the Island each day since much of the Island is protected as Wilderness Area.

The Island used to be the home of several of the Carnegie families with their large estates.  The first Carnegie mansion was built by Andrew and Lucy in the early 1900’s and was called Dungeness.  It is now in ruins after a fire destroyed it in 1959.  We enjoyed touring the Southern part of the Island and seeing the various wildlife that roams everywhere.

I thought the Sepia treatment made the pictures of the ruins a little more interesting that just falling down buildings:

Okefenokee Surprise

When we were packing up to leave the Okefenokee Swamp, we had an unexpected surprise.  While we spent the day in the Swamp paddling down the Suwannee River, a bird built a nest in one of our chairs.  The chair had only been folded up for only one day but there was a complete nest in it.