Bug on a Bird

Yesterday, while working on a baby quilt I found this very odd looking bug on my fabric. I’m sure my nephews Justin or Zach could tell me what it is …

Their identification may be hamperedd by my poor picture (but I am loving the crop in Photoshop). I can’t seem to get a decent photo with my phone. I’ve got some better photos in my regular camera but those will have to wait until we have a wi-fi connection.

We’ve been out on the road more than two weeks now. It feels like a lot longer (but that is a good thing.)

Considering our original plan was to only buzz through Florida and now we won’t be leaving Florida until a least the 15th, I’m not sure how long this trip will be. At this point we are still planning on touring Georgia, NC and SC before heading back home.

2 thoughts on “Bug on a Bird

  1. Hi Reen,

    Did I get it right this time? Just got home from NC – drove the southern route back because of the flooding in TN. Nashville is a mess and I-40 is closed so we missed spending last night with our friends in Jackson. His garden may be ruined from the 12 inches of rain they had Sat. About to catch up on your blog – missing you.

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