STS-132 Atlantis Launches

Since Wednesday we have been at Manatee Hammock in Titusville.  We stayed at this same campground when we saw a Shuttle launch in 2007.  Everything was just as nice, except they no longer have a ping-pong table!!  The campground was completely sold out for this weekend with people arriving until very late on Thursday night.

Friday was absolutely perfect.  It wasn’t too hot (although we heard it was pretty brutal if you were out on the Causeway with the crowds.)  About 12:30, we wandered down to the shoreline and got our chairs right on the water, under a couple of trees.  It was like a big party – everybody was very friendly and chatty.

The last scheduled launch of Atlantis went off exactly on-time, without a hitch, at 12:20 PM.

We are heading off to Georgia tomorrow.  We’ll be staying at the Okefenokee Swamp for a couple of nights and they warn you that there is only intermittent cell service, so don’t worry if you don’t see any posts, except maybe for some old pictures that I’ll schedule for the next couple of days.

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