Jones Lake

Before we left Jones Lake for the Outer Banks, we took a hike around the Lake and out to Salters Lake.  They actually call the lakes “bays” and they are unique because of their even elliptical or oval shape.  You could swim in Jones Lake although the water is tea colored from decomposing organic matter.

We were very excited when we started out because we spotted these prints left in the sand.  We always carry an animal tracks guide with us and it looked like it might have been a fox out hunting after the rains had passed.

Later we spotted another set of “tracks” that were paralleling the animal tracks – sneakers!  We finally figured out that it was probably just someone out hiking with their dog.  Oh well . . . it was fun for a while.

We never did see much of any wildlife in this park.  Alan spotted something in the woods but it may just have been a squirrel.

This was the only kind of flower I saw during our hike:

Did I mention that the Jones Lake campground in NC was very small?  Only 20 sites and we were in the only on e with electricity.  Most nights we were all alone – except for the frog that we brought with us from Charleston.

We first heard the frog on the roof of the camper at the campground in Charleston (where we saw the fox.)  I thought it was a little green tree frog that I had spotted sitting on the garbage bag earlier in the day.  He may have been hanging out in the air conditioner somewhere since we heard him over a couple of days.  He was definitely still with us at Jones Lake but we haven’t heard him here on the Outer Banks.  I’m hoping he got off at Jones Lake – he might have had a chance there!

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