We had a really nice day on Ocracoke.  The Island is pretty crowded so we decided to just park the car and take the bikes down to explore.  It was a great plan.

The Island is kind of eclectic.  There are older areas where there seems to be the homes of people who live on the Island full time and then there are areas with a lot of newer rental properties.  Once again, we saw a lot of houses for sale.

We rode out to the Lighthouse and the Springers Point Nature Preserve. The Ocracoke Light is the oldest operating lighthouse in North Carolina.  It is a lot smaller than the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  This one only stands about 75 feet tall and they don’t allow you to climb it.

We took a short hike around the Springers Point Nature Preserve.  You would think that by now with all of the Nature Trails we have been on that I would be able to identify trees by sight!  They were very concerned about keeping you in the Nature Preserve and not having you stray onto private property. At several places along the trail there were these complex fences built out of all kinds of native materials and decorated with shells.

I should start keeping track of unusual or unexplained things that we see on our trips.  Alan spotted this “box” up a tree.

It really looks like someone put a dog house in a tree.  There was no explanation or sign.  It seemed like it was way too big for a bird house.  Alan made some kind of crack about the squirrels turning it into a swinging bachelor pad . . .

After we finished biking around town, we took a quick tour of the David Williams house which they turned into a museum and then we headed for the beach.  It was fantastic!  It had rained a little earlier so most people had packed up.  We ended up with a deserted sandy shore all to ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Ocracoke

    1. Despite Alan’s joke, he had a point about the squirrels. The box was tucked way into the tree branches. I’m not sure about posting these “mysteries”… if we don’t get the answer, having the picture up will just remind me about it!

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