Yesterday, we finally got to the one place that we had planned to visit on this trip – the Biltmore.  We figured there wasn’t any way we could go to North Carolina and say we didn’t visit “America’s Largest Home” when we were in Asheville.

It is a little pricey with a bit of a Disneyland feel to it.  We spent $100 for both of us and an extra $10 each for the audio tour.  I didn’t originally pay for the audio tour when we booked on-line but it seems to me that the recordings add a lot to what you get out of a museum or other exhibit.

We didn’t have any problems booking our preferred time to tour the house only a day in advance.  Yet, it was still a bit crowded but not oppressive.  By the way, there is no air conditioning, so I suspect it can be stifling hot on occasion.

It was an interesting tour of the house and the audio tour was very well done with all kinds of back stories about the Vanderbilt family.  We also took time to walk through the winery and have some ice cream.

The other thing that came out of our trip to the Biltmore was a name for this trip.  It isn’t final yet but we are tentatively calling this Beaches and Biltmore.  Alan thought we might want to work-in “Blast-Off” since we took the time to go to Florida for the Atlantis launch.  We may end up with a final name of something like Blast-Off, Beaches and Biltmore or maybe Beaches, Blast-Off and Biltmore.  Alan doesn’t like to force a name for our trips – he says the right name will surface at some point before we get home.

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