Why Asheville reminds me of Austin . . .

  1. Both Asheville and Austin get a lot of tourists but you don’t feel like you are in a tourist haven (no kitschy tourist shops with t-shirts and fudge,etc.)
  2. Both towns have a lot of historical and/or architectural significance.
  3. They both have more going on downtown than just office buildings and people go there at night.
  4. Both Asheville and Austin appear to have a lower-than-average BMI.
  5. Asheville and Austin both have a good number of breweries.
  6. You see a lot of girls wearing skirts with boots in the summer in both towns.
  7. While on the subject of girls . . . Asheville has the Blue Ridge Rollergirls and Austin has the Lonestar Rollergirls
  8. We saw sidewalk performers in Asheville and Austin.
  9. Austin has bats under the bridge and Asheville has the Bat Cave.
  10. They both begin with A.

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