Hickory Nut Falls

The other highlight of Chimney Rock State Park is Hickory Nut Falls.  It only takes about a .75-mile of a moderate hike to get to the falls but it was worth it.  The falls are over 400-feet tall.  There wasn’t a lot of water flow but it was a pretty and a lot of people were playing in the water.

We enjoyed our sandwiches while we watched all the people come and go.

We will be driving to our next stop in South Carolina on Thursday.  The rest of our trip is all planned.  We don’t usually book more than one stop in advance but with the fourth of July coming up we thought we better make a little effort to figure out where we would be for the holiday.  It turns out that we are going to be home – we are scheduled to get in on the 4th.

Our next way point is near Belton, SC so we can visit the South’s Largest and supposedly the World’s Best Flea Market – Anderson Jockey Lot and Farmers Market.

2 thoughts on “Hickory Nut Falls

    1. It is amazing what you kind find with a Google search! The flea market turned out to be pretty good. Canton is of course still the best!

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