Travel Update

As you can tell, it has been over a week since I’ve been able to post. I thought that since our campground here in Stone Mountain, Georgia had Wi-Fi that we would actually be able to access the Internet. The connection has been worse than dial-up and isn’t even available half of the time. So, here I am posting from my phone.

After our stop to check-out the Flea Market in Belton, we went on to Columbia, SC. It was a nice place. The campground was right in the middle of town. We had a great dinner at the Hunter-Gatherer Brewery near the USC campus and then saw the A-Team movie (which was pretty good.)

We spent the rest of our time in Columbia complaining about how hot it was! One day had a high temperature hotter than Fort Worth. That is when you know you should be going home.

The reason we stopped in Columbia was to visit the Congaree National Park. They have some of the biggest trees around. I’ve got some cool pictures which hopefully I will be able to post before we get home.

Stone Mountain has been our first really busy tourist stop. We went into Atlanta every day. We also got to have dinner with my godmother Molly and her husband John. They were wonderful hosts and we had a really lovely evening.

More about all of our activities in Atlanta later . . .

Today we head out to our last stop before starting the drive home – Cloudland State Park in Nothern Georgia. We will be there a couple of nights and then home on the 4th of July.

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