Big Trees

I promised that I would post pictures from our last few stops.  Before Atlanta, we were in Columbia, SC.  We picked this location because we wanted to visit the Congaree National Park.  They have “Champion Trees”.  We aren’t really sure how you get the title of Champion Tree but we were pretty sure it meant big trees.

We were not disappointed. At first, as you are hiking through the forest, you don’t realize that there are humongous trees around.  Not all of the trees are huge, so if you don’t pay attention, you can miss the really big ones.  You also don’t have any reference points until you get up close.  Here is Alan with a fine hardwood specimen:

There is also a boardwalk you can take if you don’t want to actually hike into the woods.  The Champion Loblolly Pine is conveniently located along the boardwalk.

The Congaree National Park is actually in a floodplain, so there are a lot of Cyprus Trees around.  In some places, the knees of the Cyprus Trees are dense and kind of look like gnomes:

It didn’t look like a lot of people actually took the hikes – most probably kept to the boardwalk.  This meant that we had numerous spider webs to get through (and it was very clean – no garbage at all.)  We’ve worked this out over the years with the lead hiker waving a stick in front of them.  At one point though, I did get into a web where this nasty little guy was hanging out:

It was too hot to do much else in Columbia, I did some work and we did get to the movies.  I think I previously posted about the A-Team movie.  It was pretty good – definitely better than I expected.

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