Cloudland Canyon

Our last stop on this trip was at Cloudland Canyon in the northwest corner of Georgia.   We were there the week before 4th of July so the park was a little on the crowded side but it wasn’t too bad.

We did have some “boisterous” campers next to us for the last two nights.  They had a lot of people on the site and more stuff than you can imagine (including a jump house and a blow-up movie screen.) We were only one site down from the Camp Hosts and they sent a Park Ranger over at one point to ask them to quiet down.  There was a noticeable change for a while but then the Ranger finished up his chat with the Camp Hosts and headed out.

We had the best hummingbirds of the trip here.  They found the feeder within a few hours and there were probably three different hummingbirds fighting over it.

We took a beautiful hike along the West Rim of the Canyon one morning.  It was lovely and the weather was perfect – not too hot.  You didn’t realize the Canyon was there until the trees opened a bit and you could see that you were on the edge.  We only saw a few people along the trail.

The trail head was in the campground.  We finished up the West Rim Trail in time to get back to the Airstream for lunch.  Then we decided to head back out and hike to the two waterfalls in the Park.  I’ll just say there were a lot of stairs.

We left Cloudland Canyon and started the drive home.  It took us two long days of driving with a layover in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  We’ve been missing the cool weather of the Georgia Mountains every day since we got home!

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