Black Mesa, OK

We spent the last two nights in Black Mesa State Park near the border of Colorado and New Mexico in the panhandle. This was probably the most remote place we have ever stayed – no phone, no TV, 30+ miles to gas or food. We may have hung out longer but it was too windy to sit outside. More on Black Mesa later.

Yesterday, we drove out to Black Mesa Nature preserve to hike to the highest point in Oklahoma – 4,973 feet. It was just about 8 miles round trip. There wasn’t much of a climb – only around 600 feet. We were on the trail with a dozen teenagers but they were reasonably well behaved. We also talked to a guy that was “high-pointing”. He was heading to Guadalupe Peak (8,749 feet) in Texas which we hiked on our way to Arizona and New Mexico.

Now, we are on our way to Hutchinson, KS. We are going to stay at Cheney State Park and visiting the Salt Mine. Since we are near town, I’m thinking that we will have decent connectivity and maybe I will get more pictures posted.

2 thoughts on “Black Mesa, OK

    1. Best I can tell, high-pointing is visiting the highest point in each state. A lot of them are pretty hard to get to so we aren’t even bothering to keep track.

      We haven’t been able to do any geocaching yet. Since we weren’t sure where we were going, we didn’t download the locations and we haven’t really had any decent Internet. Maybe well get to a couple before this trip is over!

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