Highest Point in Oklahoma

Our second stop on this trip – after Palo Duro Canyon in the panhandle of Texas was Black Mesa in the panhandle of Oklahoma, near the Colorado and New Mexico border. It turns out this was one of the most rural places we have ever visited. There was absolutely no cell service or television.

It was a long drive to Kenton to buy ice. We passed the Okie-Tex Star Party on the way although we weren’t sure exactly what it was at first. Before we saw the sign, it just looked like an unexpected gathering of campers in the middle of a field. Later we met a few of the guys that were there for the Star Party – they invited us to stop by and check out the big telescopes.

We only spent two nights at the Black Mesa State Park. It was so remote that they don’t even staff it with a Park Ranger – you just put your money in an envelope. We might have stayed longer but it was too windy to sit outside and the campground was what I would consider to be a little austere. The Lake was almost empty and grown over.

We took the drive out to the Black Mesa Nature Preserve to hike to the highest point in Oklahoma. It was a nice hike – mostly flat except for the climb up to the top of the mesa. We didn’t see much wildlife except for insects.

The view from the top was pretty cool – you could see the Colorado mountains in the distance.

We visited the monument at the top with a bunch of teenagers (but I cut them out of this photo.)

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