1938 Singer Featherweight

I’ve been thinking about buying a Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine on and off for the last few years.  Several of my quilting friends have one.  They bring it to bee or retreat since it is so light weight (only about 11 pounds.)

I bought this 1938 beauty at the Quilt Show on Wednesday night (when it was a little less crowded and you could actually walk around.)  I tried sewing on several different Featherweights of varying ages but this one just seemed right. Alan was a big help and enjoyed chatting with the old guy who sold us the machine.

This will probably be my traveling machine – it will fit great in our trailer (and goes with the whole vintage theme.) Alan suggested the Pepsi One can in the photo (not just because he loves Pepsi One and wants people to buy more so that they don’t discontinue it) so that anyone who isn’t familiar with a Featherweight can see how small it is.

I’ll post more about the Quilt Show later – we need to get on the road to Kerrville today.  You can check out quilt photos over at my friend Sherrill’s blog:  http://quiltinginmysleep.blogspot.com/

3 thoughts on “1938 Singer Featherweight

  1. Hey, sorry I didn’t get to see you in Houston. Glad you finally got your featherweight (LOVE mine and don’t use it nearly enough) and I’m with Alan only mine’s Diet Vanilla Pepsi..I always freak out when I can’t find it as I’m afraid they’ll discontinue it!! LOL

    1. I thought for sure I would see you! Sounded like you enjoyed your classes. I loved seeing your quilt photos. I didn’t get enough time to really check out all the amazing quilts.

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