Brazos Bend State Park

It was a long drive around Houston and around the campground (it took us two full loops before we could decide on a site.) We have camp set up and are enjoying the sounds of the birds.

Alan is just pretending to have dozed off in this picture. He is really just trying to decide what to make for dinner. Turns out it won’t be much of a decision – almost everything we brought is still frozen.


Short Trip

We were getting a little stir crazy and the weather has finally broken enough for us to get out in the camper. We would have gone south before now but Alan had to do the annual maintenance and it was too cold for that.

We are on our way to Brazos Bend State Park, just outside of Houston. The Park is booked next weekend so we are only committed to being out for five nights. We may extend if the Park doesn’t get too crowded or we will look for another camp ground just for a couple of extra nights. Otherwise this could be one of our shortest trips ever!