A Cache of Geocaches

As my friend Sherill has noted, we haven’t done a lot of geocaching over the last year. We finally broke down and bought a new hiking GPS this winter which is going to help with the caching issue (and hopefully keep Alan from cursing at the GPS software when trying to load maps.) The new GPS can save all of the cache info, including the clues right on the device. No more printing out paper and carrying it along on the hike.

We did a bit of caching on our last urban hike (more about this some other time.) Brazos Bend State Park is our first opportunity to do geocaching on a wooded hike and there is plenty of opportunities – there are more than 60 caches in the Park!

Yesterday, we headed out for just a short hike (we define a hike as “short” when we don’t need to take a pack.) We found 6 caches in less than three hours within 6 miles.

The hardest one is pictured here – hung in a tree! We figured it was at around eye-level since there weren’t any significant landmarks (e.g. big tree) in range and there wasn’t any real clue with the cache info. We were just about to give up when Alan spotted it.

We almost gave up on our last cache of the day. It turns out we had walked right past it on the way in. There were notes about it having been moved because of a big snake being under the box. Usually, we find the cache within 20′ of the coordinates but this one was a little further than that.

The area of the Park we hiked yesterday was lovely – big trees and a little Lake. They claim there are a lot of alligators here but the only thing we saw near the water was a bunch of turtles. I wish I could have gotten a picture but they dive right into the water if they hear anything!

2 thoughts on “A Cache of Geocaches

  1. SO, did you LOG all your geocaches? If you have an iPhone, there’s a really nifty app that makes it ALL easy! Anyway, glad you’re back at it (and lemme know your geocaching name so I can add you to my friends list!).

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