30 Caches and 30 Miles

We spent another day out on the park trails and made our goal of finding 30 geocaches and hiking 30 miles.

We did pretty good today and found all except for 1 of the caches. Almost no one had logged that cache as found so it may not really have been our problem.

We left Max’s Geo-Dog Coin in “The Better Days” cache. Hopefully, the coin will make it back to Boston. It already travelled to Texas and now we are sending it back on it’s way to Maxwell. It was a pretty cool cache that was dropped down into this old tree. We did have to look at the hint but that was only because Alan looked right at the box an didn’t see it the first time.

4 thoughts on “30 Caches and 30 Miles

    1. WOW!! That’s a GREAT day of caching..30 caches!! How long was the hike? Don’t forget to log em all. The tree was very cool. Oops never mind..THIRTY MILES?!!! WOWZERS!!

      1. Maybe I need to update my blog post … It took us 2+ days of hiking to get all 30 miles and 30 caches! We have hiked 15 miles in a day but we are way too old for 30 miles without some sleep.

  1. Hi Maureen! I love your blog and the fact you’re a geo-cacher. We’re looking for someone to join us at Alumapalooza in Ohio to talk about geo-caching – do a couple of presentations and maybe lead people on a sample geo-cach on the property of the Airstream factory. Can you email me and let’s talk?

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