More photos from Lake Catherine


We walked right past this pretty little spot the first time. There was a cache in the area that meant you would turn around on the trail and walk up the hill past these little falls. If it wasn’t for the cache, we never would have seen it.


We took this picture on the trail before spending a half hour looking for the missing geocache. There were several areas where these big rocks hung off the side of the trail.


This was the view from Dam Mountain Trail looking over lake Catherine.



Hiking around Lake Catherine

We took a quick hike on Saturday around Horseshoe Mountain Trail. It was only about 3.5 miles and nicely wooded. There were some areas of beautiful flowers. We never did figure out what they were …


On Sunday, we headed out thinking we would do some geocaching and hike the two remaining trails – Dam Mountain and Falls Branch. You have to take the Falls Branch Trail to get to the Dam Mountain Trail so we were planning for around 7 miles. Turns out that the mileage listed for Dam Mountain already included part of the Falls Branch trail. So, we ended up hiking Horseshoe Mountain Trail again to get in a decent day of hiking and make it worthwhile for loading the pack!

We did some geocaching and found them all except one. Half the time we spent avoiding people so they wouldn’t see us find the cache. One cache seemed to be missing. Everybody else had found it and said it was easy. We found where we thought it should be but no box!

It was a nice day and we saw a decent number of people out in the trail enjoying the weather. Most of them were headed to the Falls on the long side of the trail. They tell you that the Falls are only a half mile but you have to go the right way or it is 1-1/2 miles.

Here is Alan hanging out at the top of the falls:


The rest of our time at Lake Catherine was either spent in the trailer avoiding the rain or in the bathroom waiting out a tornado warning. We were very lucky and most of the storms missed us that meant only an hour with our fellow campers after the ranger came by and told us to head down to the (fortunately clean) cinder block bathhouse. There was a bit of small hail and a lot of rain but that was it.

I’ve got some more pictures that I will post tomorrow. Right now, we are on our way to Table Rock State Park in Missouri.

Lake Catherine State Park

We are on our way to Missouri for a couple of weeks. Our first stop is in Arkansas at Lake Catherine State Park. We tried to stay here when we came through Arkansas a couple of years ago. It was booked solid then and the Park is full again this weekend.

We weren’t assigned the best site and you don’t get to pick. We aren’t sure how it works here – you may have to call and ask for a specific site since you can’t select a site when you make your reservations. In Texas, it is first come, first serve.

We aren’t on the water but then again this is the view across the Lake:


I personally would enjoy watching the power plant but I suspect most people don’t really like it that much.

Last night we made a quick trip over to McClard’s BBQ. We had visited this local favorite on our last visit to Hot Springs. It was just as good this time. Alan ordered Ribs & Fries and I got the Tamale Plate.

I really loved the Tamale Plate … supposedly there is a tamale under neath the pile of chopped beef, beans, BBQ sauce, fritos, and cheese but I never actually saw it but I think I tasted it. My mouth is watering just thinking about how delicious it was! The fritos were a critical element – they added some crunch along with some salty flavor.

Alan thought the pork ribs were “pretty good” and definitely above average. He got them dry covered with a huge number of very hot french fries. I thought they were nicely tender with a crispy coating of smokey flavor.

Not sure what the rest of our stay will involve here. We did all the tourist things in Hot Springs the last time we were here but we are relatively close to town so we may go check it out again.