Steamboat Arabia

While in Kansas City we took a tour of the Steamboat Arabia Museum.  The steamboat sank on the Missouri River in 1856 with a huge load of cargo.  A couple of local “explorers” got the treasure bug and dug it out of a cornfield and put everything on display. It was really an interesting museum with thousands of artifacts from the 1800’s on display.

They aren’t really selling anything they found except buttons that came off of the dresses that are long since disintegrated after being buried in mud and silt for 150 years.  The buttons are made like china with stenciled designed that matched the fabric.  Since I couldn’t figure out what I would do with a handful of expensive antique china buttons, I bought this souvenir bracelet.  It may be a bit kitschy but I am loving it!

We are leaving Kansas City today for our last stop in Missouri – Knob Noster State Park.  We’ll be there a few days and then head home.  I have a couple of posts scheduled for the next few days . . . but I still have a big backlog!

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