Ticks and Tornados


We have a trip name, drumroll please … Ticks and Tornados (unless of course Alan comes up with something he likes better.)

Our last stop at Knob Noster State Park was the kicker, at least on the tick side (luckily it was all quiet on the tornado front – we actually had great weather for a change.) We have been pretty conscientious about tick checks since Alan had his Lyme Disease scare back on our Loop around the Lake trip a couple of years ago. I pulled one tick off Alan early in this trip and then we had a bunch of the really itsy bitsy ones after hiking yesterday … thereby giving us our trip name.

The hiking yesterday was nice otherwise – shaded almost all of the way which was appreciated with the hot weather. The highlight was the turtle. We don’t remember ever seeing one outside of a lake or pond and this guy had a big rounded shell like the tortoises you see in the zoo. I wish I had gotten a better picture but he wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to focus.

We are now on our way home. We’ve already left Missouri and should be back in Texas by tomorrow.


Weston Bend State Park

We spent a few days at a nice KOA near Kansas City – no hiking, though so we drove North to Weston Bend State Park near Parkville on the banks of the Missouri.  We could of camped at that park but it was a little far out of town to drive every day for tourist activities.

There was paved trail and then we hiked all along the Missouri River – it really is muddy!

We stopped by the quaint town of Parkville on our way out and I visited the local quilt shop while Alan explored the antique/junk stores.  I ended up leaving without anything since they were closing early . . . that wasn’t the case at most of the other quilt shops I checked out on this trip!