We left today for our next (and possibly longest) adventure – Colorado and Utah for 12+ weeks. There are a lot of National Parks and Monuments to explore.

It took Alan days to plan our route and book camping. In order to stay in the National Parks, we will have to camp without hook-ups much of the time. So, we are carrying a new “accessory” – a Yamaha generator. The generator arrived just a day before we were planning to leave.

It turned out that the generator delivery wasn’t the big problem! Our refrigerator acted up on our final drive home from Missouri. We had chalked it up to an almost empty propane tank but decided to have it checked out while the trailer was in the shop for a brake inspection. It turns out we needed a new refrigerator and only had a fee days to get it delivered and installed. We lucked out with a local distributor and left on schedule.

Tonight we are staying at a great RV park in Amarillo – Oasis RV Park just off the highway. It is clean and well organized with great bathrooms. Tomorrow we head to Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado.

2 thoughts on “Amarillo

  1. WOOHOO! You’re kinda following us a little We left 7/1 and drove THROUGH Amarillo on our way to Pagosa. We rafted today, train tomorrow, 4th festivities on the 4th (!) and back home the 5th. HAVE FUN!!

    1. I don’t think we will catch up, Sherrill – not with the long hours you drive in one day! We will be through Pagosa on our way to Cortez National Park but that won’t be for another week.

      Hope you have a great trip!

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