Think Desert not Beach

We got an early start and headed out to the Sand Dunes on Wednesday morning. Since it was our last day at Great Sand Dunes National Park we planned to hike to High Dune, at least. It was a perfect day – not too hot but the stand was still hot. There were a lot of people hanging out towards the bottom – most dressed for the beach with flip-flops and shorts! We saw all kinds of kids with beach toys.

By the time we got to High Dune, we weren’t too tired so we considered hiking out to Star Dune (which is actually higher than High Dune.) It was just too windy, though, so we decided to call it a day.

You can see that we were dressed in long pants. Alan was sorry that he had on short sleeves – the blowing sand was painful. I had to chase my hat down one of the Dunes but it didn’t get away!

Miles hiked at the Dunes: 3

Total miles hiked: 16.5

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