The Wildlife of Black Canyon

Even though the campground was kind of crowded together, we saw more wildlife in our site at this Park than any other we can remember. First, it was the chipmunks (but we didn’t get any pictures) – they were everywhere! Then, we would see all kinds of different birds – mostly in the morning after the majority of the campers had packed up. Alan tried several times to get some pictures but this was really the best . . . the elusive bright yellow bird wouldn’t stop for even a second to let you pick up the camera.

The funniest things were the mule deer. We saw several different ones and at least one baby. They were completely oblivious to us – this one walked through our site numerous times. At one point, he laid down and took a rest under the tree next to our picnic table!

There was a lot of talk about a “problem bear” in the campground. The camp host came by and told us that they were on the lookout for a black bear that was not exactly afraid of people (the camp hosts were really enthusiastic and checked-in several times to tell us about different things going on in the Park.) They were hunting it to relocate it elsewhere in the Park.

With the “problem bear” around, you weren’t supposed to try and get all your food out of reach if he showed up in camp. If you made some noise and he didn’t turn around – just get out of the way and let him have your dinner! They were still tracking it with dogs was the last thing we heard. One other camper did tell us he had some serious prints in his site one morning after a rain. We never saw anything other than a lot of these signs:


Miles hiked today: 2.0

Total miles hiked this trip: 27

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