Rainy Day Activities in Grand Junction, CO

Yesterday was our first full day in Grand Junction but the weather was supposed to be rainy. So, we decided to drive the Rim Road in Colorado National Monument and maybe visit a quilt shop, or two.

It was really pouring when we headed out so we went to the Quilt Shop first. This Shop was in my Quilter’s Travel Companion book. Otherwise, the name may have kept me away.


This was a lovely store with great staff. It was a totally different experience than my visit to the one quilt shop I wrote about in Branson – there wasn’t a single sign warning you not to do anything in the whole store!

I bought a couple of yards of camping-related fabric and a nice fleece for the back to make a quick quilt-as-you-go “strippy” throw for the trailer. I do have three quilts with us but that doesn’t seem to be enough …

One stays in the car and I use it outside (like now to sit on when the chairs are damp in the morning – this is not a good quilt. I made it years ago from very cheap fabric. Don’t do this, please, with any quilt I have made for you – whoever may be reading this.) One quilt is on our bed and then I brought an extra. But, if it is chilly when I go to bed, I use it and then Alan freezes on the couch. So, clearly we need another quilt in the camper!

While on the quilting topic, here is a picture of my “design bed” with the project I worked on at our last stop.


I still have to assemble the blocks and cut the setting triangles. I bought everything for this when we travelled around Missouri earlier this year. The pattern is called Spades from Fat Quarter Winners (by Monique Dillard). This is the first quilt I’ve made from this book but I really love it. The instructions are pretty good and I like a lot of the quilts even though I don’t normally gravitate towards traditional blocks plus, I have a ton of fat quarters at home!

Watch for a finished picture of this quilt top at some point on this trip (hopefully!)

National Monuments Visited Today: 1
Total Parks/Monuments: 4

Miles Hiked Today: 2
Total Miles Hiked: 30

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