Arches National Park

It is hot here, too! Just not really much hotter than normal. We are in Moab, Utah – our first stop in Utah and our fifth National Park/Monument.

On Sunday, we got up really early and headed out to do some hiking with 150 of our closest (and mostly non-english speaking friends.) There are a couple of trails marked strenuous so we decided to start with one of them – Devil’s Garden. It was one of the more technical hikes we have done – hot, rocky with boulder-hopping required, and narrow routes with steep drop-offs. It wouldn’t have been so bad but it was hot and a bit crowded in places – particularly Double O Arch.

You can’t see both openings in this picture but you can see some of the hikers that were hanging around (and there were a lot more that didn’t make it into my picture.)

Double O is the farthest point (except for the somewhat disappointing Dark Angel formation) on the Devils Garden Trail. We had looped out on the more Primitive Trail so we had been alone a lot of the time. Here is Alan at Private Arch which we appropriately had all to ourselves.

The arches are formed in Fins that resulted from erosion in vertical cracks that formed when the rock was pushed up . . . I finally bought a geology book that covers the National Parks in this area!

Here we wandered off the trail a bit to go out to the end of one of the fins:

Alan picked this as one of his favorite pictures so I’m posting it . . . I’ve got my new shade hat and pack – we stopped in Cabela’s while we were in Grand Junction. I usually only wear a fanny pack and a water bladder but we thought we would need more water on these hikes and we were right!

That is Alan’s Arch you see in the distance. He spotted it when we were at the end of the fin where you could just barely see it – we never did learn it’s official park-given name … there are a lot of Arches here!

I’ve got a lot more pictures that I will put in another post – this was only the first part of our day and we weren’t even completely exhausted yet!

Miles hiked Sunday: 12 (very hot miles)
Total miles hiked this trip: 69 (and my feet are starting to look worse for the wear!)
National Parks visited Sunday: 1
Total Parks/Monuments visited this trip: 5

2 thoughts on “Arches National Park

  1. Awesome pics, as usual! Will miss you tonight at guild – I’ll eat some of my chicken salad in honor of you.

  2. Oh BROTHER, JoAnne! She’s NOT eating that chicken salad in honor of you! That was SOME HIKE and beautiful formations I’LL never see (since I don’t hike! LOL). Gorgee-oh-so pix!

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