Devils Garden

After climbing this wall, Alan was a little tired but that didn’t stop us from taking every side trail to see every arch along the way!  Here is Alan taking a rest at Navajo Arch (newly named Ear Arch.)  It was well after lunch by this point and the crowds had started to thin out.

After our lunch (which we had left in the car thinking we would be back before noon) we took a drive out to the campground that is in the Park.  We didn’t opt to stay here (not that there really was a choice because it was completely booked) and that looked like an excellent outcome – there were no hook-ups at all and no showers available.  That would have meant mostly hot and sticky camping with a small amount of generator-powered air-conditioning and sponge baths after a long day of hot hiking.  Despite the primitive conditions (or perhaps because of them) the campground was mostly filled with rental RV’s and a few tents.

We stopped at Broken Arch trailhead and considered hiking it but we were tired after Devils Garden – did that matter?  No!  We knew we probably wouldn’t get this far into the Park again (it is a 20+ mile drive just from the Visitor’s Center) so we headed out again in the middle of the afternoon.  But, no one else was out there so we enjoyed some lovely, solitary hiking.

We saw Tapestry Arch (renamed That Isn’t Tapestry Arch by Alan):

and Broken Arch (renamed Pyramid Arch):

Before we started back to the Airstream, we stopped to take a short walk/hike to Sand Dune Arch (renamed Hatchback Arch):

After this, we decided to just hang around camp on Monday and take a rest.  It was Alan’s birthday and I would need the whole day to bake him a cake (just in case it didn’t come out and I would have to head out and buy one!)  This is what happened the last time I tried to bake Alan a cake in the trailer:

It worked out better this year even though we didn’t have anything that would measure 1/3 of a cup in the trailer!

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