Delicate Arch

On our second day of hiking we trekked out to Delicate Arch (with only about 100 of our other closest friends.) It has been crowded here but if you hang out at the big name arches long enough or take the less-popular trails, you can find yourself alone.

Delicate Arch was definitely worth the effort. It was a bit of a climb and hot but the view was spectacular . . . I’m renaming it Spectacular Arch. Here are a few of my favorite photos. I think they are looking a little better since I remembered what my BIL Brian told me about adjusting the exposure on our camera.




There were some interesting petroglyphs on the first part of the trail out to Delicate Arch:


I am always intrigued when we are hiking a trail, and you turn a corner and there are a set of steps in the rock that someone carved!



Today, we rafted the Colorado River in Westwater Canyon. It was a lot of fun, although the rapids were not as rapid as we were expecting. I really enjoyed swimming/floating down the river and cliff jumping. No pictures – we didn’t want to risk another camera – our small camera didn’t survive the Sand Dunes!

Tomorrow, we leave for Dead Horse Point State Park, there isn’t much there so I probably won’t be posting much. I’ll schedule a few blog entries to load over the next couple of days.

Miles Hiked Tuesday: 5

Total Miles Hiked: 74

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