Cliff Palace

I’m writing this post on Sunday morning but I’m not sure when it will get uploaded. We have to go to the Campstore for Internet and the connection is really, really slow in the evening. These pictures are from Thursday. You have to get tickets to tour the three largest cliff dwellings – Cliff Palace, Balcony House and Long House. (They were all fantastic but I think that my favorite may be Spruce Tree House – which doesn’t need a ticket.) We got our tickets Wednesday night for tours on Thursday and Friday.

The Ciemian Kiva was here at Cliff Palace. They couldn’t spell Ciemian, so they just called it Kiva C.

I had read that there were some walls in the cliff dwellings without mortar. They were constructed this way. There is some debate as to whether it was planned to allow for ventilation when drying crops or just temporary walls – either way they have lasted more than 600 years.

We’ve had all kinds of different rangers doing the tours and the programs here at Mesa Verde – not all of them were the more stereotypical young person who just loves being around nature . . . the average age of all the rangers here has been a bit higher than you might expect.

We had a little time between tours to allow for a lunch break and a brief nap.

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