Knife Edge Trail

Paw Print Mesa Verde 006We really wanted to hike all of the trails in Mesa Verde but the weather didn’t look like it was going to cooperate.  We still had Knife Edge Trail – this is the trail along the old road into Mesa Verde.  (The road was finally closed after numerous rock slides and turned into a trail.) Finally, the weather cleared late in the afternoon on our last day and since it was a relatively short hike, we headed out.

There was a note from a ranger at the trailhead warning about a recent bear siting.  We did see a lot of wildlife tracks, but no bears!

We hung out for awhile enjoying the view at the end of the trail but didn’t stick around for sunset.

Al on Rock Mesa Verde 014

View Mesa Verde 011

Miles Hiked on Knife Edge Trail:  2
Total Miles Hiked: 110.5

Prater Ridge Trail

Prater Ridge was our last big hike in Mesa Verde National Park.  Unfortunately, part of the time on this trail you are within view of the road into the Park and there was some car noise.   It was nice that we were all alone on the trail and there were some lovely views.

View Mesa Verde 003

Valley Mesa Verde 006

Miles Hiked on Prater Ridge:  8.5
Total Miles Hiked:  108.5

Alan Takes the Pictures

We had enough time in Mesa Verde that we could explore some of the less popular areas.  Alan had the camera and I found this when I dumped the pictures:

Ceiling Mesa Verde 013

Yes, it is a photo of the ceiling over one of the excavated pueblos.  I thought the construction looked interesting but I didn’t think to take a picture.

Some other difference in photo taking styles:

  • Alan takes only one photo of each thing.  I take at least two and sometimes many.
  • Alan rarely if ever turns the camera.  I do it all the time.
  • Alan doesn’t take any random pictures of wildflowers, lizards, or steps.  It goes without saying that I take pictures of those things all the time!

I did ask Alan to take my picture on a set of carved steps.  I’m going to have to do a Step Retrospective.

Wides Steps Mesa Verde 041

Landmark Mesa Verde 058There was a very cool reservoir that received this award.

Reservoir Mesa Verde 060

There were also a few more cliff dwellings.  Square Tower House was pretty interesting looking, although you could only see it in the distance.

Corner Building Mesa Verde 008