Demolition Derby

I picked up a local paper when we stopped at the Post Office in Torrey.  They had a “big” insert on the upcoming County Fair in nearby Richfield, UT.  Alan spotted an ad for the Demolition Derby that was that night.  Despite the fact that we couldn’t find the exact location of the County Fair (it seems they just assume that you know where the fairgrounds are if you live here) and that it was an hour+ drive, we headed out. 

Coca Cola Demolition Derby 005It was a lot of fun!  I had never been to a demolition derby.  There is a lot of smoke and you don’t always hear the crunching sounds because the engines are so loud. 

Smoke Demolition Derby 006

I also got a kick out of watching them clear the cars out of the arena.  It took no less than four backhoes and a lot of guys in purple shirts.

Clean Up Demolition Derby 004

Alan thought this car looked like his old green Dodge:

Als Old Car Demolition Derby 001

We stuck around until it was almost over – long after the lights had come on. 

Under Lights Demolition Derby 007

It was good, clean fun in the heart of America.  There was even a Pageant Queen with her court wearing tiaras over their cowboy hats with real sashes. 

Everyone took their hat off during the National Anthem and respectfully stayed silent or sang along!  I loved it!  I’m not embarrassed to admit that I choked up a little – made me proud to be an American! 

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