Capitol Reef

Fruit Tree Capitol Reef 037We’ve had three days in Capital Reef National Park but our timing is a little bad – the scenic drive to Capitol Gorge is closed for paving!  There wasn’t a lot of warning so we missed our small window of opportunity over the weekend to take the drive and hike Capitol Gorge to Golden Throne and the Tanks.  I am a little disappointed.  I have a mind to write a letter about this!

Our first day, we drove around the Park, checked out the Visitor Center and historic Fruita, had pie at the Gifford Farm House, and fed the horses pears from one of the orchard trees.  They were very attentive whenever anybody noticed that there was fruit to be picked!

Horses Capitol Reef 031

We also stopped at The Goosenecks Overlook:

Gooseneck Capitol Reef 003

Fruita was a small community of mostly Mormon settlers in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  They planted the fruit trees that are still here today.  There is also an extensive irrigation system that to some extent was originally constructed by the Fremont Indians.  The old schoolhouse is still in the Park:

School House Window Capitol Reef 045

I caught Alan in the reflection – it is a little eerie looking!

There are few artifacts from the Fremont Indians in the Park, except for the petroglyphs.  We enjoyed a very entertaining and informative program by Ranger Tiffany.  The carving of the tallest figure (on the left) is actually four feet tall, even though you can’t tell it from the picture:

Petroglyphs Capitol Reef 071

The only sheep we got to see were on the wall:

Sheep Capitol Reef 074

My favorite petroglyph is this guy waving at his neighbor (at least he isn’t scarred by bullet holes):

Waving Capitol Reef 072

Before heading back to camp on the North side of Torrey, we took a quick hike out to Hickman Bridge.

Hickman Bridge Capitol Reef 087

There are a lot of beautiful rock formations.  A lot of them are in the shape of domes which is what gave Capitol Reef it’s name.

Dome Capitol Reef 098

Another Dome Capitol Reef 101

More Domes Capitol Reef 103

The Castle Capitol Reef 017

Enough rocks for today …  On to the tally.  We have exceeded our initial hiking goal of 120 miles!  So, that means we need a new goal but we haven’t agreed on one yet.  Stay tuned.

Miles Hiked: 2
Total Miles Hiked:  120.5
National Parks/Monuments Visited:  9

One thought on “Capitol Reef

  1. Hey, some awesome rock shots. These are all different from the Reef places our bus tour took us three or four years back.

    These petroglyphs are the ones they always show on “Ancient Aliens”.
    I can see why! Makes a convincing picture-case for space helmits for me.

    Loved Alan’s reflection too in your pic~neat, out-of-the-box shot.

    Love, Molly

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