Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park has turned out to be better than expected. We thought it might be just another canyon but the geology is really interesting with all the Hoodoo’s and the campground is terrific. We will be staying here for a week before we head to Zion.

Hoodoos Bryce National Park 018

We are camping for the first time without any hook-ups. We have camped without sewer a lot and without water occasionally. This is the first time we are camping without electricity. We do have a generator but you can only run it during the day. It really isn’t a problem camping here without electricity (read this as camping without air conditioning at night) since you don’t really need the air conditioner – the weather is very comfortable.

We took a quick “hike” out along the Rim Trail today with all the tourists. This is a very popular park and they provide buses to take you to the scenic overlooks. For us, that means that we can hike out and take the bus back to the campground.

Inspiration Point Bryce National Park 030

Bryce Canyon Bryce National Park 051

Ampitheater Bryce National Park 032

The scenery is so amazing here that it is hard to decide which pictures to post – I don’t even think these capture the stunning vistas. I would really love to have a wide angle lens on the camera.

Elevation Bryce National Park 070

National Parks Visited: 10
Miles Hiked: 3
Total Miles Hiked: 133

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