Short-horned Lizard

As we made our way up to the Rim Trail after leaving Fairyland Canyon in Bryce, Alan spotted this very, very small Short-horned Lizard. We haven’t seen a lot of very large lizards here at Bryce Canyon but this guy was tiny – about an inch long.

It took some effort to get a picture. Luckily, he sat still long enough . . .

Lizard Bryce Canyon 035

Lizard Bryce Canyon 037

This was last picture that Alan got and it is my favorite!

Lizard Bryce Canyon 039


Peekaboo Loop

Bryce Canyon National Park 011On Monday, we did our last hike in Bryce Canyon National Park – Peekaboo Loop. We had already hiked part of the Trail when we did Queen’s Garden on Sunday.

This time we were headed to the less-traveled Peekaboo Loop. Once we got off the Navajo Loop, the crowds thinned out significantly. The only down side was that the horses also take Peekaboo Loop!

Bryce Canyon National Park 007

We made a big effort to finish strong on the climb back up to the rim. This is the view looking down:

Looking Down Bryce Canyon National Park 028

Looking up:

Looking Up Bryce Canyon National Park 029

I’m going to schedule this Post for Wednesday. We will be on our way to Zion Canyon National Park with a slight detour through Cedar City to pick up my Mom at the airport. She will be camping with us through Salt Lake City.

Watch for one more post from Bryce – sunrise photos from the rim. The hoodoos take on a completely different look with the sun hanging low. We got up early Tuesday morning to see the sunrise.

Miles Hiked: 8
Total Miles Hiked: 157.5