Zion National Park

We dropped the trailer at Zion National Park on Wednesday and headed to Cedar City to pick up my Mom at the airport.  Zion is a beautiful park and the campground is lovely.  You camp right in the canyon near the Visitor’s Center. 

This is the view from our campsite:

Zion National Park 001

We took the tram out to the Emerald Pools on Thursday even though it was incredibly hot!  We have had great weather up until now – here it is in the 100’s. 

Canyon Zion National Park 041

It was a tough day of hiking since we took the long way back from the Emerald Pools on the Kayenta Trail.  After a good 1.5 miles and some rock climbing . . .

Mom's Zion Pictures 101

. . . we all needed a nap!

Sleeping Zion National Park 043

National Parks Visited:  11
Miles Hiked:  2
Total Miles Hiked:  159

2 thoughts on “Zion National Park

  1. National Parks Visited: 11
    Miles Hiked: 2
    Total Miles Hiked: 159

    Your getting to put her feet up and nap… PRICELESS

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