Frary Peak

Antelope State Park 070We left Salt Lake City on Tuesday.  On Monday, we went back to Antelope Island State Park to hike Frary Peak – the highest point on the Island that sits in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. 

The hike was pretty nice – 8 miles and 2,000+ feet in elevation change.  The trail wasn’t in the greatest shape but it was a beautiful day and the views were fantastic. 

We took the side trail to Dooly Knob.  As we came over the top, this was what we saw:

Antelope State Park 019

We counted over 150 bison moving towards the coast.  Some of them were galloping along.  It was a pretty cool scene. 

Antelope State Park 023

We missed the trail to the Peak at first – it actually went down the hillside to start and we were looking up!  The last quarter-mile was a pretty steep climb but the hard part was coming back down. 

We hung out for awhile enjoying the 360 degree view with the Great Salt Lake on every side.

Antelope State Park 057

Antelope State Park 054 

Antelope State Park 038

Miles Hiked:  4 (Bryce) + 8.5
Total Miles Hiked:  184

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