Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur Park National Monument 036On Wednesday, we drove out to Dinosaur National Monument. The main dinosaur quarry viewing area is closed right now for reconstruction (opens in October) but they took you on a nice guided hike to see dinosaur bones up close and personal. You could even touch them.

One of the larger bones is in the picture below with the ranger – you can’t miss is because there is a big arrow pointing the way!

All of the bones in this area were fragments but they seemed to know what kind of dinosaurs they were from but don’t ask me . . . I don’t remember any of the details.

Dinosaur Park National Monument 003

Dinosaur Park National Monument 001

We also took the driving tour out to the Josie Bassett Morris ranch. She was a homesteader who lived alone in her cabin until she was 90. Funny thing is that I didn’t take any pictures of the actual cabin or anything else for that matter, except for this information display!

Dinosaur Park National Monument 037

Along the way, there are some nice pictographs/petroglyphs from the Fremont Indians. The small photo at the top of this post is actually of a very large petroglyph that is way up on a cliff now. I think I read something that said the lizard is 9’ long (but I don’t have a reference source so don’t hold me to that!)

Dinosaur Park National Monument 017

We also drove out to Dinosaur, Co where there is another Visitor Center for Dinosaur National Monument but no actual dinosaurs – just canyons. We took another auto tour . . . that one was really about the scenic overlooks.

Unfortunately, they were doing road construction and using some of the overlooks for vehicle staging. We have seen a lot of road projects on this trip even though the original roads seem to be in great condition – it seems that Utah may have gotten a lot of stimulus money.

Dinosaur Park National Monument 040

On Thursday we are leaving Utah for good and heading back into Colorado for the rest of our trip. Hopefully, we will find some cooler weather there.

National Monuments/Parks Visited: 12

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