Quilting on the Road


It has been a little cold in the trailer a few nights on this trip. I brought three quilts but that turned out not to be enough.

One stays in the car and I use it outside in the morning when it is cool. One is on the bed. The “extra” quilt has to go on the bed when it is a particularly cold night – at least for the first couple of hours.

That meant there wasn’t a quilt for Alan to use on the couch when I was already in bed.

So what is a quilter (with a sewing machine, rotary cutter and mat) to do? Buy fabric and make a quilt of course! (Technically, it isn’t a quilt because there are only two layers but we will just ignore that point.)

I had spotted some cute “camping” fabric early in the trip in Grand Junction so I bought some complimentary fabrics along the way and made this strip/quilt-as-you-go/fleece-backed throw. Alan did remark that it was a little short but you have no waste by making the throw the width of the fabric (roughly 40″) by the width of the fleece (maximum 60″).

Now, we have four quilts with us. I’m not sure that will be enough for our trip to Alaska next year.

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