EMP and the Space Needle

Today, we drove into Seattle to visit the Experience Music Project. It is a pretty cool “museum”. They had exhibits about Jimmy Hendrix, Nirvana and the history of the electric guitar along with an exhibit on Avatar and Horror movies – pretty diverse!


Above is a picture of the guitar sculpture in the lobby that actually plays!

We also took the elevator up the Space Needle. I haven’t gotten those pictures off the camera yet.

It was a beautiful day, especially for Seattle. You could see Mount Rainier. Here is a quick shot I took from my phone while sitting in traffic (they do have plenty of that around rush hour.)


We enjoyed a great dinner with Alan’s cousin, Frank at a really good Mexican restaurant in Issaquah – Las Margaritas. Frank is looking great!


My BIL and his partner got on the road on Saturday and his blog (http://ongoingairstream.blogspot.com) is really making mine look a little pathetic so I’m going to try and do a better job getting regular posts up (at least while we have connectivity.)


Olympic National Park

Not a mouse!
I just wanted to put up a quick post and give a mouse update – three down and we have been rodent free for two nights! Really, I wanted to post before we got too far ahead of the blog. We spent Memorial Day weekend at the KOA in Port Angeles outside of Olympic National Park. Now we are in Seattle.

Our first day, we drove up along Hurricane Ridge and climbed the hill. There weren’t too many people there (not like at the Visitor Center) because the road wasn’t opened yet and you had to walk a couple of miles along the road.

We had lunch sitting on the ground with snow nearby. There were probably picnic tables around but it wasn’t surprising that we never found them since this is what the table at the Visitor Center looked like:

Our second day we drove further into the Park and hiked a nice trail that went along the Elwha River (where they are in the process of removing two old dams to restore the fish habitat – very interesting process.)

Also not a mouse!
Miles Hiked in Olympic NP: 12 (w/Kalaloch)
Total Miles Hiked: 45

We are enjoying Seattle. We arrived at Trailer Inns RV Park on Monday (actually across Lake Washington in Bellevue) and had a nice dinner with Alan’s cousin, Frank. Today, we drove into downtown Seattle to see Pike’s Market, the flagship REI store and take the Underground Seattle tour.

Lunch was a piroshky at Piroshky Piroshky and dinner was mac & cheese with fresh made cheese at Beechers. Good thing we walked a good six miles!

We are here until Friday. Tomorrow, we plan to see the Space Needle and then take the tour of the Boeing Factory. Hopefully we will get at least a little sun!

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What an Adventure!


I don’t even know where to start … Let’s go all the way back to Portland – not much out of the ordinary to write about, though. We enjoyed a couple of fun days in the city doing all of the typical tourist things.

Then we headed North into Washington and the ocean – Kalaloch Beach in Olympic National Park. It was awesome – remote, beautiful, unspoiled, and practically deserted. We were arriving the Monday before Memorial Day weekend and there were very few people there yet. Actually, they had just opened the big loop in the campground for the season that morning and no one else had set up camp on that side. You could still smell the grass cuttings! We got the most amazing site right on the ridge overlooking the beach.

I’m not sure what happened first – the mouse (or mice, as it turned out) or the blown converter.

We woke up our first morning with the tell tale signs of a mouse – he (they) had made a big dent in the tortillas and the bread and left a big mess! To make a long story short … he (they) defied two different traps for several nights but ultimately succumbed to the poison. We thought there was only one (although I was suspicious because of the amount of droppings the first night) but the second made the drive with us to Port Angeles where he has succumbed as well.

Besides the bread and tortillas, Alan had a t-shirt shredded; I have a hole in my favorite jean shorts; the trava sack sleeping bag had some minor damage (don’t worry Mom you won’t even notice the next time you use it!), and we used at least a roll of paper towels cleaning and disinfecting the trailer!

On to the second part of our excitement … Trailers have a device that charges your DC batteries whenever you are plugged in to AC – either on a generator or to the campground supply. Kalaloch Beach didn’t have hook ups so we were using our batteries. It was pretty cold and the furnace was running most of the night and the fan draws a lot of power off the batteries. We are used to that – but we were expecting the converter to work and charge up the batteries when the generator was running! That didn’t happen.

Did I mention that we had gotten a new converter less than two years ago to go with our new batteries? You don’t want to hear what they want you to do to use the warranty – just ridiculous.

We did run the truck for a while to charge the batteries a bit but that really wasn’t very effective. We ended up spending a cold night under the bed quilt and the trava sack (which really was very cozy.) We’ll just call it tent camping in a big tin can.

When we got to Port Angeles we had to stay in a campground with hookups instead of in the National Park – oh well! The new converter will be waiting for us in Seattle.

The other interesting thing (good this time) that happened is that Alan found his wedding ring which he had realized was lost back at the Trail of Ten Falls. Somebody was watching over us, I’m sure of it … He wasn’t even looking and found it in the pocket behind the drivers seat in the truck while going for the umbrella!

We really loved Kalaloch Beach despite everything that happened while we were there. I highly recommend it, especially if you can go in the off-season. We saw a bald eagle just watching us from a tree and later carrying a fish. It really was an amazing place … Just wait a few days after they cut the grass!

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Did I say there were falls?

Double Falls
Finally, this is the last of the waterfall pictures from Silver Falls. It turns out that having all these pictures was a good thing or I wouldn’t of had any photos to post. I only took a few quick shots with my phone while we played tourist in Portland.

Lower North Falls

We are getting back on the road today – to Olympic National Park. We will stay in two different areas there. The first is along the coast and it looks pretty remote so I may not post for a few days.

We will be in Seattle after Memorial Day and then after stops in Spokane and Calgary before meeting up with Brian and Will in Edmonton around June 12 – 14.

Lower South Falls

Miles Hiked on the Trail of Ten Falls: 12
Total Miles Hiked: 33

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More Falls

Middle North Falls

We saw a lot of non-traditional hikers out on the trail. It was a minimum of about 9 miles to do the whole loop but you can access the trail from the road and get to a few of the falls without hiking the loop.

Drake Falls

Oddly, we saw a lot of babies … some people were prepared but others looked like they just wandered onto the trail!

We are still in Portland as this gets posted – we’ve enjoyed every major tourist attraction, I think! It is raining today so we will hang out in camp (translation: I will (finally get a day to) sew and Alan will do laundry.)

Standby for MORE pictures of falls. I have to share all ten from The Trail of Ten Falls!

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Falls, Falls and more Falls

South Falls
The last time I wrote, we were driving to Portland. We stopped for gas and the attendant suggested we go to Silver Falls State Park … so we did. (Oregon is like New Jersey – you can’t pump your own gas.)
Winter Falls

It was a lovely State Park with a great hike – The Trail of Ten Falls (and yes, it has ten waterfalls.) They aren’t sticklers for accuracy like Yosemite and they call their falls “falls” (with an S) even when there is only one fall.
Twin Falls
One of the highlights of the Trail of Ten Falls is that you can walk under a couple of the falls – North Falls is one of them …
North Falls
We stopped for lunch here.
Under north Falls
One more fall for now … Upper North Falls.
Upper North Falls
That is it for tonight. I’m tired of editing pictures of water falls.

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Big Trees

We opted to stay another couple of nights without hookups in the Jedediah Smith SP within the Redwood National and State Parks. It was a little more crowded than we expected – probably seemed that way because half the campsites were closed.

We really wanted to hike among the big trees (Coastal Redwoods) that are still growing along the Coast. We had a bit of a drive on a narrow, bumpy dirt road but we got to the Trail Head for Fern Falls and the Boy Scout Tree.

Boy Scout Tree was a BIGGGG!! tree – they say probably close to 2,000 years old and 300 feet tall. I couldn’t really get one good photo showing the whole thing.

Fern Falls were nice, too. We headed out in the afternoon so the trail was mostly deserted which made it even a little nicer. Just as we were getting up to leave I spotted the banana slug hiding in the grass ….

Miles Hiked: 6
Total Miles: A measly 21 over two week!

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Cabot Cove


We opted to drive along Highway 1 going North and stopped in Cabot Cove to see how Jessica Fletcher was doing … Mendocino was used to film the street scenes. It was a quirky little town …


As usual on the Coast, it was cool and cloudy … we didn’t really do much other than visit the Pygmy Forest and walk around the town along the shore.



The only pictures I ended up taking in the Pygmy Forest was of the California Rhododendron which was in full bloom.