Oasis RV Resort


We headed out right on schedule – we’ve been talking about a five to six month trip to Alaska. Two months to get to Alaska, two months in Alaska, and one-two months to get home. May 1 (Happy Birthday, Mom!) we hit the road.

We don’t have a lot of plans. We are going to meet up with Alan’s brother, Brian, and his partner, Will, in Edmonton in June and we have reservations in Denali National Park in July. That’s it for now!

The logical first stop was Amarillo (home of the Cadillac Ranch and the somewhat less impressive RV Ranch shown above. There is also a bunch of buried Airstreams somewhere in the South which were pretty cool. I will have to try and find the old blog post from that trip.) We come this way whenever we head West. Often we will stay at Palo Duro State Park but that is usually on our way home or if we are getting a slow start for some reason.

Our quick-stop choice in Amarillo is the Oasis RV Resort. It is nice, clean and very convenient – right off Hwy 40. We haven’t ever managed to use the pool or spa, though.

We’ve been discussing the pros and cons of RV parks versus Walmart parking lots for one night stops. At $23 a night, it seems like a good way to support the RV industry and it is a lot nicer to hang out in the evening and morning in the park than in a parking lot.


We are on the road now to Albuquerque. Tomorrow morning we will head to Camping World. Our new fridge isn’t working right. We got it at the start of our trip last summer so it is still under warranty … there is just going to be the hassle factor.

Be sure to check back here again soon …

2 thoughts on “Oasis RV Resort

  1. We’re going to miss you! But, I do look forward to seeing your great posts of your travels. Can’t we have both…..you and the pictures? Have a wonderful trip!
    Love, Sheri

  2. I will be enjoying your posts each night as I eat my dinner alone. Great company for me!! Always love your photos too!!

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