Hiking Canyon de Chelly


I think I mentioned in an earlier post that there is only one trail in the National Park that you can hike without a Navajo Tour Guide. It was only about 2.5 miles round trip but had a 600 foot climb back out. I took all my pictures on the way down so that we could keep a good pace coming up – any little bit of exercise helps when you are spending days riding in the car!

Alan is always having his straw get loose in his water bottle (the ice is probably knocking into it.) He won’t usually pose for me when we are hiking, so I seem to get a lot of pictures that look like this:


There was an large tunnel blasted into the trail. We’ve seen these in other Parks that had trail development done during The Great Depression by the “CCC Boys.”


I couldn’t get a good photo that showed both the tunnel and the cool rock formation next to it. We always call these water-carved channels/holes “tenajas” since that is what they called them in Big Bend. I probably don’t even have the spelling right and I suspect it really isn’t the right term for this:


After a hike across the sand, this is what you find:


Besides our hike into the Canyon, we only have hiked one other time. Here is the first entry in our hiking log:

1) Petroglyph National Monumnet – 2.5 miles
2) Canyon de Chelly – 2.5 miles

Total Hiking Miles: 5 miles

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