Travel Update


We left Canyon de Chelly and headed West to Kingman. We had planned to make only one stop here and go on to Death Valley. It turns out most of the campgrounds with electricity in Death Valley have closed for the summer and we weren’t up for hot nights without air conditioning.

A quick check of Yosemite made it clear we wouldn’t be camping there either. (That will have to be a separate trip someday with advanced reservations – although I’m not sure if the crowds aren’t too much … Can’t wait to hear about your trip, Rachel!)

Since we didn’t really have a plan for the rest of our trip and didn’t know how much time we would want to spend in the Northwest, we decided to spend another day here (Blake Ranch RV Resort – thumbs up on the wifi even though they will only give you one passcode) and do some research.

We are now set – we will be skipping the Bay Area and head up the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. We are thinking we will get to Redwood National Park around the 13th of May. The rest of our stops are as follows:

Olympic National Park
Glacier National Park

By now you are probably wondering why there is a horse at the top of this post – no reason. I had the picture from the Canyon de Chelly and wanted to share – he was just hanging out on the rim checking out the tourist (maybe thinking about he could get down to the valley where all the good grass was!)

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