Death Valley


We left Kingman, AZ heading for California through Pahrump, NV (former home of Art Bell – Hi Janice!) We had reservations at a little campground just inside Death Valley National Park – Panamint Springs Resort. (I should put Resort in quotes.)

The campground is “quaint” but they had hot showers, a beautiful view, decent wifi (especially considering we were in the middle of nowhere,) quiet, and a ton of stars!

On our way through the Park, we stopped at Zabriskie Point. There is a nice overlook there but we decided we should take advantage of the opportunity to take a little 2.5 mile loop hike that went down towards the Salt Flat (or so we thought) to get some exercise and stretch our legs. It was only in the 90’s, so we grabbed some water and headed out.

The views were awesome.


The trail was really well marked in the beginning but after the second fork all the sign posts were gone and we ended up missing the third fork that made the loop. We hiked more than 2 miles out before we turned around and retraced out path. We wouldn’t have gone that far but we thought we were close to the edge of the Salt Flats and just wanted to see what was just around the next turn!

The only down side of this hike was as we returned to the trailhead, we took a wrong turn (my fault this time) and took the trail that headed back UP to the overlook! We probably climbed an extra 250 feet UP that we could have avoided and did I mention that it was really hot? You probably can’t tell from this picture, but it was.


We enjoyed a few more stops on our way through Death Valley, including at the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes.


We missed a lot of the big tourist attractions but at least we experienced the beautiful and vast landscape.


POST NOTE: When I first wrote this, I thought we would be traveling through Yosemite today. (The WordPress iPad app was torturing me and I couldn’t get the post up this morning!)

After an extended stop at Manzanar and knowing we would want to take our time through Yosemite, we opted to overnight in Lee Vining on the edge of Mono Lake. I will try to schedule another post for tomorrow morning with our pictures from today. We came through this way on our honeymoon 23 years ago.

Death Valley Hiking: 4.5 miles
Total Miles Hiked: 9.5 miles

2 thoughts on “Death Valley

  1. Hi Maureen, Just catching up on your post after being without internet for a week. Your pictures are beautiful. Miss you.

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