Mono Lake


On our way to Yosemite we stopped at the Manzanar Historic Site. When we lived in California, we had friends whose parents and grandparents were held at the camp during WWII. It was definitely well worth the time – they have a relatively new and very informative visitor center. I highly recommend it to anyone traveling this way.

Rather than trying to make it through Yosemite in a short afternoon, we opted to stay over in Lee Vining and explore Mono Lake. We were here in 1989 while on our honeymoon.


This lake is highly saline and is famous for it’s tufa that form when fresh water comes up through springs in the bottom of the lake. The taller ones are a little further south from here but these are still interesting.


We never unhitched the trailer but that wasn’t a problem – we hiked from the campground to the Visitor Center (which was closed!) down to the Lake and up along Lee Vining Creek and returned to the trailer through town.

This is what it takes to walk 5.5 miles in a town that is only 3/4 of a mile long!


Hiked at Mono Lake: 5.5 miles
Total: 15 miles

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