Big Trees

We opted to stay another couple of nights without hookups in the Jedediah Smith SP within the Redwood National and State Parks. It was a little more crowded than we expected – probably seemed that way because half the campsites were closed.

We really wanted to hike among the big trees (Coastal Redwoods) that are still growing along the Coast. We had a bit of a drive on a narrow, bumpy dirt road but we got to the Trail Head for Fern Falls and the Boy Scout Tree.

Boy Scout Tree was a BIGGGG!! tree – they say probably close to 2,000 years old and 300 feet tall. I couldn’t really get one good photo showing the whole thing.

Fern Falls were nice, too. We headed out in the afternoon so the trail was mostly deserted which made it even a little nicer. Just as we were getting up to leave I spotted the banana slug hiding in the grass ….

Miles Hiked: 6
Total Miles: A measly 21 over two week!

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