Falls, Falls and more Falls

South Falls
The last time I wrote, we were driving to Portland. We stopped for gas and the attendant suggested we go to Silver Falls State Park … so we did. (Oregon is like New Jersey – you can’t pump your own gas.)
Winter Falls

It was a lovely State Park with a great hike – The Trail of Ten Falls (and yes, it has ten waterfalls.) They aren’t sticklers for accuracy like Yosemite and they call their falls “falls” (with an S) even when there is only one fall.
Twin Falls
One of the highlights of the Trail of Ten Falls is that you can walk under a couple of the falls – North Falls is one of them …
North Falls
We stopped for lunch here.
Under north Falls
One more fall for now … Upper North Falls.
Upper North Falls
That is it for tonight. I’m tired of editing pictures of water falls.

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