Olympic National Park

Not a mouse!
I just wanted to put up a quick post and give a mouse update – three down and we have been rodent free for two nights! Really, I wanted to post before we got too far ahead of the blog. We spent Memorial Day weekend at the KOA in Port Angeles outside of Olympic National Park. Now we are in Seattle.

Our first day, we drove up along Hurricane Ridge and climbed the hill. There weren’t too many people there (not like at the Visitor Center) because the road wasn’t opened yet and you had to walk a couple of miles along the road.

We had lunch sitting on the ground with snow nearby. There were probably picnic tables around but it wasn’t surprising that we never found them since this is what the table at the Visitor Center looked like:

Our second day we drove further into the Park and hiked a nice trail that went along the Elwha River (where they are in the process of removing two old dams to restore the fish habitat – very interesting process.)

Also not a mouse!
Miles Hiked in Olympic NP: 12 (w/Kalaloch)
Total Miles Hiked: 45

We are enjoying Seattle. We arrived at Trailer Inns RV Park on Monday (actually across Lake Washington in Bellevue) and had a nice dinner with Alan’s cousin, Frank. Today, we drove into downtown Seattle to see Pike’s Market, the flagship REI store and take the Underground Seattle tour.

Lunch was a piroshky at Piroshky Piroshky and dinner was mac & cheese with fresh made cheese at Beechers. Good thing we walked a good six miles!

We are here until Friday. Tomorrow, we plan to see the Space Needle and then take the tour of the Boeing Factory. Hopefully we will get at least a little sun!

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3 thoughts on “Olympic National Park

  1. Glad to know you’re mouse-free. We’re on our way back to NC – my mom passed away this a.m. Take care!

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