I woke up this morning to the sound of rain and realized (while laying there wondering why I was wide awake at 5:40 am) that this might be my last opportunity to post for some time.

We leave today for Glacier National Park where there is definitely no cell service or wifi. Then, we are heading into Canada where we won’t have any data on our phones. So, unless we luck into some wifi along the way, this will be my last update until we get to Alaska.

We had considered leaving Spokane yesterday but decided to stay for their big antique/flea market/craft show – Farm Chicks. It was fun but had way too many decorative items for Alan’s taste! All the antiques were being sold for their cuteness factor. It was a fun way to kill a couple of hours and I bought a used pair of cowboy boots.

I just recently realized I didn’t actually bring any shoes other than sandals, sneakers or hiking shoes. Since the sandals probably won’t do me any good from here out – I “needed” these boots! (They look very cute with a skirt – can’t wait to see them after our great shoe guy in Grapevine is done with them!)


We spent a couple of hours walking around Riverfront Park (where they have an interesting Giant Red Wagon – thanks Nate … We had been watching for it!) I still have to go through the photos but is was cloudy so I'm not expecting much.


Then we had an early dinner at the Steam Plant which was a decent brewery with just okay food in a very interesting building – an old Steam Plant that had been built around 1920 and remained operational until the mid-80’s. They kept a lot of the interior structure and equipment which is what made the restaurant so interesting.

This was the view from our table (taken with Alan’s iPad – the restaurant had excellent wifi which our campground did not have!)


You could walk right into the boiler. They had cut away some of the tubing to make it big enough for a private dining room.



You could walk into the smokestack which was also very cool. We enjoyed the ambiance and the waiter was very gracious about us sitting there downloading stuff after we ate.

2 thoughts on “Spokane

  1. WOW … cowgirl boots! How many years have you been in TX and you get them in WA – go figure! Can’t wait to see you wearing them. Love you & be safe!

    1. Hey, loved the boots;I wore them for many Wednesdays line-dancing years back. We’re in Mackinac Island and enjoying a day of sightseeing! Oward to Wisconsin, Minnesota an more. We saw Glacier from the Canadian side & it’s called something like Wharton? Love, Molly

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